The Farmers


Meet Melinda, aka Meems

For me, a passion for growing flowers was inherited. One of my earliest childhood memories is of my grandparents’ chain link­–fenced backyard in Midwest City, Oklahoma. My Mema, my mother and I would walk the flower bed–lined perimeter inspecting and admiring the irises, tea roses, zinnias and marigolds, stopping every now and then to smell a bloom or pull a weed.

Now I’m fortunate enough to share this passion with the generations that follow me. My daughter Jessica grows beautiful vegetables for Red Moon Farm and cultivates herbs for her apothecary products. And my son’s children—who have dubbed me Meems—are getting the hang of it too. Our grandson helps with harvest (though most vegetables are still “for the other people to eat”) and digs up worms to use as fishing bait in Bigfoot’s pond. Our grandaughter is my official bulb-washer, cleaning the daffodil, hyacinth, and tulip bulbs pulled from the spring garden. I’m hoping to help these littles tap into the green thumb that generations before them have nurtured, and foster a love for the earth and all its mysteries and bounties.


Meet Emil, aka Bigfoot

While Melinda seeds, weeds, feeds, waters, harvests, bunches, delivers, and keeps records, I till, shovel, haul, plumb, spread, and build—and that’s when I’m not working my other full-time job! I’m looking forward to the day that I can dedicate my time more fully to the enterprise.  And yes, the grandkids call me Bigfoot, which is another story for another time . . .