The Farm


Growing Practices

We are committed to sustainable, organic growing practices on our land. This means investing our resources in soil health, encouraging a diverse ecosystem with plenty of beneficial insects and microbial activity, and conserving our climate’s precious water supply. The bulk of our garden is irrigated from our pond, which relies on the gift of rainwater. We try to conserve as much as we can, mulching to help with moisture retention and using drip irrigation rather than overhead watering.

In keeping with our commitment to the land, we avoid using chemicals wherever possible in our day-to-day lives and work. Those that we do use are natural and carefully chosen with the health of the entire ecosystem in mind—not just our flowers. We’re also particularly concerned about the plight of the honeybee, so we’re careful not only with what we use, but also with the time of day we apply even our organic products as we work to control pests and diseases.


Our Story

We found our land in Van, Texas, to answer a longing that had taken hold of us a number of years ago.  We were on the lookout for a self-reliant, simple life in a rural space, raising our own food as part of a community that seeks socially and environmentally responsible living. Jess and Justin (our daughter and son-in-law) are farmers, and we wholeheartedly invited them to take on this experiment with us. Thus Red Moon Farm and Meems’ Garden coexist on these forty acres in an always-evolving multi-generational journey exploring the joys of living off the earth’s bounty.

As part of this homesteading adventure, we began learning about beekeeping and established an apiary on the farm. We wanted to have plenty of pollen available for the bees, so we researched forage flowers and planted sunflowers and cosmos en masse. The next year we expanded the bees’ forage-flower menu, which coincided with Red Moon Farm’s first season at the farmers’ market. We thought, “Hey! Let’s see if these sweet peas and sunflowers sell at market!” An idea was born, and Meems’ Garden was officially begun!

Jess and Justin’s knowledge of sustainable farming practices has been invaluable to us as we’ve entered into our cut flower operation. We often gather around the kitchen table to bat around ideas on riveting subjects such as cover crops, microbial activity, pest control, and the water level in our pond!